admin / May 27, 2023

The 5 Step Video Marketing Traffic Generation System

Are you looking to get the most results from video marketing with the least amount of effort? Well, before I reveal a simple system that does just that, allow me to share some facts.

FACT 1– Over sixty percent of the content on the Internet is video. With the prevalence of video on the web, it’s very likely your prospects will be disappointed if they don’t see video on your website.

FACT 2– YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet. Google is number one. Chances are your targeted audience is searching for you right now on YouTube. Will you be found?

FACT 3– Only three percent of businesses currently use video to market online. If your business is one of them congratulations! If not, there is still a window of opportunity for your company to get a huge jump start on your competition.

Many who begin the path of video marketing fail because they lack a video marketing strategy. They spend too much time and money creating the video. Then they don’t know how to get it seen. After a few attempts and a handful of views, they get frustrated and give up. By following this simple 5 step system, which is a part of my StandOUT video marketing strategy, your videos will get the most exposure for the least amount of time and effort.

The System:

Step 1: Upload Your Video to Your YouTube Channel.

If you don’t have a YouTube account you can open one for free by going to You could be up and running in five minutes or less.

Step 2: Immediately Send an Email with a Link to Your Video.

Create a list of friends, family, staff, and associates who would be willing to open your email and click on the link to your YouTube video. Tell them that they don’t need to watch the video. They just need to let it play all the way through so your video gets full credit. The ultimate goal would be to generate 12 – 30 views of your video within the first two hours of being uploaded. The early activity will alert YouTube as to the possibility of a viral video and could drive your video to being seen on a featured video page.

Step 3: Embed Your Video on Your Blog.

Click on the “Embed” tab. Copy and paste the code on to your blog page. Write up a quick summary underneath the video and you’ll get even better search engine results. Now when anyone views your video on your blog, your YouTube video will count the views as if they were watching the video on YouTube.

Step 4: Send an Email to Your List with a Link to Your Blog Site.

This will generate a flurry of traffic to your blog page, which is good for your search engine rankings. It will also add more views to your YouTube video account.

Step 5: Add a Touch of Social Media.

Send out multiple Facebook and Twitter posts with a link to your video to either your blog or YouTube page

Remember, every video that you create has the potential of providing the same impact as dozens of salespeople working for you. That’s dozens of salespeople working 24/7 for Free! To get your virtual sales team working right away, just follow this StandOUT video marketing strategy.