admin / April 18, 2023

10 Top Commercial Photography Tips

Here are 10 commercial photography tips to enhance your products or services. As an on-line or catalogue retailer, you will know the importance of having great photos to promote and present your products and services in the right way.A great picture can capture the imagination and draw a customer towards making a purchase. It can never be underestimated as to the power of what a good product image can achieve.Here is how to stand out from the crowd and make your products your heroes.1. It is a myth that great photography needs to cost a fortune. It is always recommended that you make contact with a photographer to ask for a quote on the work they do, and always ensure you get a few quotes from different companies.
2. Be prepared, and have a brief outline of the number of products you wish to have photographed (if you are not sure an estimate is fine), and in what format, and in what environment.
3. If you have a specific budget to work within, it is wise to let the photographer know up front. A good photographer will keep this in mind and recommend an approach that will keep within budget and start you in the right direction.
4. Outline where and how the products are going to be sold, or are currently sold. This helps the photographer understand how the photos are to be used.
5. It is an idea to consider product photography in two ways. The first being a standalone shot on a clean white, black or grey background that will present the features of the product without any distractions. The second is to place the product in a situation, environment, or setting, that shows how it enhances that setting, and maximizes its purpose.
6. Cut out images from magazines that you like and have captured your attention, especially if they are your competitors. This will help you to decide on the direction you would like to take.
7. If you have a brand and a current catalogue of work, then ensure the photographer can see what you have. The photographer can then look at how they can work and keep within any branding requirements.
8. Set a realistic budget for your photos as images can make or break a sale.
9. If you understand how important the right shot is then you are halfway there to increasing your turnover and strengthening your brand.,
10. To make your business stand out from the crowd, ensure you hire a good commercial photographer, one who will give you a no obligation quote, so you can find out how affordable it is to make your products look great, and let the pictures he creates for you do the talking.