Future Job Outlook For Investment Banking and Finance Degrees

admin / June 22, 2021

The world of banking and investment banking was rocked in the past few years with the downturn of the economy as well as mass fraud and bad investing throughout the finance world from giant Ponzi schemes to exotic mortgages.

The outlook on this industry is overall strong as the salaries as I will note later are strong but also the amount of jobs stays fairly large considering the massive layoffs just around two years ago. The amount of jobs may be slightly less but seems to be coming back at a pace about the same as most other strong industries. The type of jobs are also shifting more away from who can pick good stocks and investments to more programming and algorithm based jobs. This is because of the massive amounts of high frequency trading and less large-scale investments, mergers, and acquisitions.

The salaries for those in investment banking are still doing well with many starting jobs or entry-level jobs at large firms being slightly less than normal but the regular and associate level jobs are actually being higher paid than before the economic downturn according to most analysts estimates. This is good news for those going into the field that is known for big salaries because if this economic downturn and regulation after couldn’t hurt the salaries than nothing seems to be able to.

The changing opportunities is something that should be talked about for those who are wanting to be in investment banking. In recent years major companies have started venture capital and investment units just to invest in emerging technology and good entrepreneurs. Google is one of those companies along with other companies like Disney who invest in companies that fit their profile and they can either acquire for a cheaper price later or simply make a return on that investment. Also if you are wanting a career in investment banking a knowledge of how algorithms and computer coding works is a major plus since large departments of investment banks and stock trading firms need someone who can merge the two worlds when needed.

So overall the investment banking industry has a strong outlook with jobs in the industry recovering and the salaries higher than ever. Being qualified for these jobs and finding the connections to be able to get the highest paying jobs at the top firms is no easy task. Investment bankers and others in finance have a strong outlook as banking and finance is something as old as any other industry.

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