admin / May 27, 2023

The Instant Internet Lifestyle

Instant Internet Lifestyle – why would Lee McIntyre have chosen a title like this for his training program? For me it means the freedom that a career in internet marketing can bring. Working from home and earning a high income gives total freedom.

Thousands of people try making money online, but only about 5% of them are successful. Why? Because of the massive amount of information available people get overloaded and confused. They run around in circles, thinking there’s some magic button you can push and tomorrow morning you will be a millionaire. In his training course Lee dispels this notion right from the word go. The Instant Internet Lifestyle course is basically a series of videos of a two day workshop he held, where he shared absolutely everything about his business and how he does things. In ten hours of video training he reveals his system, sharing his tactics and showing sought after proven strategies that you need to succeed as an internet marketer. He demonstrates shortcuts that he uses and shares everything he’s done to create his six figure business from the ground.

Lee puts a big emphasis on own product creation and no matter how much resistance you might feel against this idea, by the end of the course he has you convinced that it is the best way to build your business. He touches on aspects of affiliate marketing but points out that this strategy alone will not necessarily make you rich. The income from affiliate marketing could be big enough to go on that dream holiday or buy the desired car, but if you want to make it big, you really have to become a product creator and build a real business.

This program really opened my mind and and helped me to find the right direction on the internet marketing path. It taught me how to build my business deeper instead of wider. It is much better to concentrate on one niche than spreading yourself too thin, because things get out of control and the quality of what you’re offering suffers as a result. Something that strikes you immediately about Lee is that he does everything in a different way from what others do and that opens your eyes and gives you a new outlook on possibilities that you never thought of before. Throughout the course you are always reminded of the honest and sincere way in which Lee operates.

Apart from doing things differently his main underlying principle is giving. You have to give before you can expect something back. In this course he teaches you exactly how to do that. He has motivated me never to stop believing in myself and in what I’m doing, in spite of hurdles that come in my way. Should you decide to follow the Instant Internet Lifestyle training course you will learn how to build deep foundations for your business, how to establish your authority in your market and how to build trust and good will.

I think for people who are just starting out the Instant Internet Lifestyle course is an excellent course to begin with. The 8 steps in which it is set up follow a chronological order of how you should do things. Initially you might feel overwhelmed by the volume contained in the program and it would be necessary to listen and work through the material two, three or more times. The amazing thing is that every time you listen again, you discover something new that you did not pick up before. Another plus point of the course is that the tactics that are taught, work in absolutely every niche. You do not have to be an expert at anything, because Lee teaches you how to become the expert.